Becoming a Squealers Award Winning Barbeque Franchisee

Squealers Award Winning Barbeque is actively seeking franchisees that share our passion for success. Our mission is to provide excellent food and service to our customers. We want to award franchises to people who share similar goals and values. If you enjoy the hard work and rewarding challenges of operating your own business, Squealers may be the right opportunity for you. Restaurant experience is helpful, but not required for single-unit operators.

The following outline lists the basic steps to become a Squealers Award Winning Barbeque franchisee:

  1. Meet Initial Requirements – You need to confirm that you meet our general requirements prior to proceeding. Click here to see the general requirements.
  2. Make a Request – Complete the online Request for Consideration Form.
  3. Initial Franchise Qualification Specialist Interview – We will discuss your background, motivation and interest in Squealers and answer initial questions you may have. We will also review the franchise evaluation process and the formal application.
  4. Receipt of Completed Application and Second Interview – We review and confirm your information submitted on the formal application and if you meet our requirements we will schedule a final telephone interview to evaluate your application and to confirm you have conducted a thorough initial review of the Squealers opportunity and are prepared to make a decision. If you are qualified, we will invite you to join us at our headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana to attend a Discovery Day.
  5. Attendance at Squealer’s Discovery Day – You will meet key executives and learn more details behind our concept and operations. We will provide you with a UFOC.
  6. Issuance of a Letter Awarding the Franchise – Following our meeting and if you qualify based on a final review of your information, we will award you the opportunity to join our franchise system.
  7. Execution of Franchise Agreements and Franchise OrientationTraining – Following the agreement signing, orientation will be conducted to provide you with our system and tools to get you started.